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December 31, 2016 // 10:24 PM

Less than 2 hours away until 2017 and here I am sitting on the sofa while the sounds of The Beatles' Something and the rain mixes into this one beautiful song as I type this goodbye a letter. And this is not a sad one.

2016, this is for you.

           You have got to be one of the toughest, so far. You made me laugh and cry just seconds apart. It was unbelievable. You surprised me with challenges I thought I couldn't handle but hey, look at me. Alive and kicking, watching you slowly die (haha i'm kidding... sort of). 

          Although you gave me so much to cry and be mad about, I cannot deny the fact that you were also pretty great. You gave me so much to be thankful for. Thank you for all the battles you made me face. Although you made me feel insecure about what I can do and made me question some of my choices, you also made me realize that I can also be strong if I wanted to. You made me realize that what matters most is that I enjoy what I do. Those sleepless nights (which could go one for weeks) don't matter. You made me as tough as you, 2016 (tougher even). Within the span of 365 days, some people came, some left. Thank you for the friends I earned who totally understand what I am going through and for the same people who has been in my life in past years and chose to stay. Thank you for making me realize that it's okay to let some people go and how it is okay because I already have the best ones with me. Thank you for all the experiences I gained. Going around the city alone was a tough one for me but I did it. Thank you for all the adventures and mishaps. Thank you so much for all the lessons. 

       Looking back to the last 365 days, you were not that bad. You're pretty badass. Kinda like me (I am not that obvious, though. HAHA). A lot hated you but it takes a whole lot of sunshine and happy songs to appreciate that somehow, you're awesome too. 

            It was one crazy ride, 2016. Cheers to a brand new and better year ahead!


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