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Hola! And look who's back?

2017 is coming in a jiffy and 2016 gave me a lot of things to think about. And so, here I am at this very moment typing my first ever blog post (well, the first for this one). We all know how I constantly restart my blog and stop. It was like that for a whole four years and I it's just just sad how I can never to commit to something I really wanted to do... because of things for my future. I think we all know what that is. 

I am a dreamer. The biggest dreamer, probably. I love doing a lot of things. I want to travel places. I want to write books. I want to design spaces (outdoors and indoors). I want to be a painter. I want to play musical instruments. I want to design clothes and make them. I want to learn to bake. I want to learn to cook. I want to do a lot of things but I always end up not doing any of them. 

But this year, I am going to start. I will be painting all the faces and places I come to love. I will write poems and proses and songs. I will do all the things I put aside. 2017 will be my year.

//still in the midst of editing ze blog layout. so please, bear with it//

Happy Holidaysss! <3

Love, Abby

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