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Documenting works, personal style and musings.

I started this blog when I was in 3rd year high school. That was around 2013, I think. The posts were mostly personal, random and fairly insignificant. I was on a blogging hiatus from the summer  of 2015 up until the first quarter of 2016. And here I am reliving the blog and hoping to keep it alive with my busy schedule.

About Me.

I am a landscape architecture student from the University of the Philippines Diliman. I used to hate plants but now, they are the love of my life. I used to hate pink but now there are very  few shades  I kinda like. I used to hate a lot of things... and I still hate a lot of them but I am more focused spreading the world my love for the things I love.

I want people to love the way I love the smell of newly painted walls and old dusty books. And the way I love painting eyes and the sunset. I want people to feel the satisfaction I feel whenever I hear the click of my camera.

I am a self-proclaimed artist. I paint. I draw. I write sappy literature (but I hide most of it). I love taking photos and making videos and editing them. I love music a lot but I can't sing, or dance nor play a whole song in any instrument. I have mediocre talents. I am not good at things but I am not bad at them either. 

My life is big drama series  that nobody likes watching (even I don't). That is why I try too keep the dramas of my life down.

People perceive me as a lot of things I am not. 

I hate telling people about myself because I am still an inexplicable mess so I'll stop right here. Have a great life! :)

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